Tuesday, May 6, 2008

$0.40 cents buys you a stolen Credit Card Number

According to The Economic Times, the going rate for stolen credit card numbers ranges from $0.40 to $20 while bank account information ranges from $10 to $1000 per account. They also indicated that if you were willing to buy in bulk you could acquire 50 credit card numbers for $40 or 500 credit card numbers for $200.

In case you were curious, the same article quoted Symantec Corporation as stating that email passwords sell for as little as $4.00 to $30.00, while full identities are selling for between $1.00 and $15.00.

To read more of this article go to The Economic Times May 4th 2008 article “Credit Card Numbers up for grabs Rs 16!”.

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Anonymous said...

I have been a corporate investigator for 20 years. During that time I have worked on hundreds of credit card fraud cases.

Cashiers, managers, front desk personnel, on-line or over the phone order takers, it happens everywhere.

I appreciate the security tips you provided and will incorporate those that are pertinent in my future efforts.

Thank you,